About me...

Rosa Mauvra

Integrative Nutrition Health Consultant

G.A.P.S Practitioner (Gut & Psychology/Physiology Syndrome)


As an Integrative Nutrition Health Consultant and GAPS Practitioner, I work with people of all ages supporting improved physical and mental health using the natural principles of Diet and Lifestyle healing.

I have spent over half my life working with the wonderful combination of health, food, and people.

My long term passion for natural health and a strong need to solve my own personal health issues led me to discover the powerful ancient tradition of Food as Medicine. These healing arts carry much wisdom for integrated healing of the body, mind and spirit. Although life was pretty uncomfortable when I was unwell, I learnt so much through my own healing journey and am grateful to be on the other side with lots of inspiring and useful information to now share.


The combination of my own personal healing journey and my formal training as a Practitioner in Food Medicine, Gut and Psychology Healing, Health Coaching, Remedial Massage and Chi Gong Therapies, has given me many years of experience in the natural healing arts.


It is my pleasure and my passion to now share this valuable wisdom and knowledge with you. 

I truly believe we all have a right to good health, I sincerely wish this for you.

Rosa is available for Personal Health Consultations using Food as Medicine and GAPS protocols; as well as teaching Workshops & Classes, and Public Speaking.

Food as Medicine / GAPS Healing /  Fermenting Workshops / Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Change Programs / Personal Health Consultations.

“Reminding people how to be well by bringing the teachings of Whole Food Healing, Food as Medicine and Home Fermenting into their lives is a deeply fulfilling aspect of my work. We all want to be healthy and happy, my job is to help people achieve that goal”.